LIVEWARE – Classic Rock / A.O.R. band from Recklinghausen/Germany.

Influenced by the rock music of the 80s and 90s, the six-piece formation transforms even the smallest club into a stadium during their live concerts. Extensive guitar solos, distinctive keyboard parts and a wall of drums and bass form the foundation for a unique and powerful voice. With LIVEWARE everything you hear and see is 100% live! 

Our Journey

2009 – LIVEWARE was founded by Andy Kohaupt, Max Kettler and the brothers Christoph, Lukas and Matthias Martinetz. They quickly created numerous, rather progressive songs, which were played live with changing singers.

2012 – The debut album “A Look Inside The Mirror”,was released and contains 8 tracks. It earned the band some airplay on regional radio stations and extremely flattering reviews from well-known magazines.

“What these guys deliver here is an all-around progressive gem, packed with 51 minutes of the purest entertainment. Not one weak point in the songwriting and everything else is just right. Liveware has succeeded in creating a mature, well thought-out epic that leaves the listener spellbound from the first to the last minute, wondering what the sextet will come up with next. Mandatory for all progressive fans anyway, and even otherwise a broad mass could find pleasure in “A Look Inside The Mirror”.” (Metal Trails)

2015 – The EP “Unity” with 5 songs followed. The singer on the record is long-time friend of the band, Nico Koslowski, who had already performed on stage with LIVEWARE in earlier years.

I would like to translate the band name LIVEWARE with “life juice, because the same bubbles in abundance on this Cardboard CD. Whether it’s the snappy opener “Through My Eye,” the more thoughtfully staged “Live Again,” or the somewhat epic-tinged, overlong closing song “Far From Heaven,” this band from Recklinghausen is a lot of fun with its melodic heavy rock, while also performing at a high musical level.” (RockHard)

2018 – The single “Your Time Will Come” was released with an official music video. Other songs were also written at this time, but these did not exceed instrumental status. Due to a lack of prospects, the band disbanded.

2020 – It was not until the beginning of 2020 and the arrival of frontman Thomas Droberg that     LIVEWARE decided to continue. The first rehearsals together created an immediate            and unprecedented musical and human bond and produced numerous song ideas. Even             though overshadowed by lockdowns and the coronavirus pandemic, it quickly became       clear that there has to be a third studio album.

2021 – In February the recordings for “Golden Sky” began in parallel with the songwriting process.

2022 – The singles „Glorious Days“, „Liar“ and „Golden Sky“ were released.

2023 – „Golden Sky“ is released in September with 10 songs that bring out all facets of the band. Crisp classic rock songs, power ballads and epic AOR songs in overlength really   cast a spell over every listener of LIVEWARE.

Golden Sky” is an impressive expression of Liveware’s talent and passion for rock musicWith a great singer, impressive solos, an outstanding keyboard and a solid rhythm section, this album is an absolute must for lovers of this genre. The guys from Liveware show themselves to be extremely accomplished and inspired musicians and create a timeless work with this album that should take the hearts of fans by storm. The people in charge at the various labels are welcome to get an impression of this! (support your local bands)

A real surprise awaits you when you click on the third LP by the Recklinghausen band LIVEWARE. Almost a whole hour of really good classic rock with absolutely outstanding vocal skills from Thomas Droberg. There are ten fat songs between Alter Bridge and Meat Loaf, which can really be taken as a compliment. An album that sounds as if it has been cast from a single mold and can therefore be recommended as a whole. (Coolibri)

The sunny mixture of AOR and classic rock has been staged in a pleasantly bombastic way and shines particularly brightly in golden pieces like ‘Too Young To Die’ and ‘You & I’. (Rock Hard)

What can I say: An all-round successful, very multi-faceted album that is really fun to listen to thanks to the complexity of the compositions. I hope that the band gets the attention it deserves with this album. (Rock Times)